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Anyone around here bobsled?

Bobsledding 16 by Radder Photos

Berners-Lee video on YouTube Annenberg School for Communication, 2007

Decentralization is really important. How is there a way to collect information and yet still stay decentralized? This theme spoke to me in terms of the number and diversity of people we work with and come across in our daily lives. The web was designed to bridge that collective diversity, and make information like a blank sheet of paper, available to all. This can be mapped onto most of our workplaces, and even our social lives. Bridging gaps. Creating a common understanding.

He talked about how the architecture of information has to separated out from the way we think. There are many ways of knowing, and culturally diverse ways to come at knowledge. With the web, the dimension of thought and organizing is left up to the user to self-design.  Design decisions are documented, interwoven into the collaboration of the group.  These snail trails were saved, and made accessible.

The World Wide Web Project. It really is a success story of collaboration. And completely random innovations that catch on within a larger social context and social needs. Anyone around here bobsled?

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