Weeds in my garden and rhizomes on the net

Gabriella Coleman’s article on the growth of Anonymous is a lot like the landscaping project in my front yard. I pull up one weed, ten more grow back in its place. Peaceful resistance.

We are legion. We do not forgive. We are here to stay. Expect us.  Together we rise up.

So I think it’s important to look at not just what is going on at the surface, but to dig deeper in the soil to understand the undercurrents. All placed within different social contexts, everything could be seen as a weed. Sarah Palin is a weed to Assange as Anonymous is a weed to Scientologists. It all depends what side of the fence you’re sitting on, and who is holding the power. People have decided that their will is not being carried out and want to speak out about the corruption in their realm.

I am listening to Tom Cruise’s scientology rant and I’m thinking “is this for real?” Is another prize-winning performance? He really sees the world this way. He says “As a Scientologist, we see the world as it is.” “You’re either in or you’re out” “It’s our responsibility to create a new reality” “I think about the people who are depending on us”

Wow. That is really something. Have a listen. I have appreciated in this class and throughout our MACT journey that we’ve been able to try on different lenses through which to see the world, but the Tom Cruise goggles are hurting my head- get them off!


2 thoughts on “Weeds in my garden and rhizomes on the net

  1. deliuk says:

    Carolyn, I love reading your insights … the voice in which you present your narrative is oh so relatable. Hope you keep writing – as time permits … so I can keep reading!

  2. Andrea says:

    You have the best analogies Carolyn and I think that asking to dig in the dirt and look at the undercurrents to each resistance is a smart idea. It’s been a pleasure reading your blog, I hope you keep it up!

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