The Socio-Digital

The socio-digital. Love that term from Sassen.

Decentralized access, simultaneity and interconnectivity from the digital network repurposes our activities. The outcomes can oscillate between more openness and more control. Digitization is transformative. Our tools are embedded in the social. And it is flawed to group them all together in one basket. Power is upended.

Have-not conversation- digital markets are a natural part of complex institutional settings. Not unlike Dr. Curry saying how records are kept by the companies that have money- the have nots have no paper trail. The have-nots have no digital trail. I kind of imagine this digital oozy snail trail in cyberspace, maybe kind of glittery and fading with time, but this evanescent webbing layering over and over.

That’s the positive light of being trackable.  There’s a whole other side of being surveilled. We learn as we go about the trade off of our digital existence. Rebecca MacKinnon reminds us that the people in charge of our digital lives operate, for the most part, as benign kings. What I am realizing is that democracy is try to adapt to digitization. Her CBC podcast.

When speaking of the supranational electronic market space, it comes back to the theme of trust for me. RIM shares go down if the public loses faith, markets shake if the populace does not believe that Greece can get their **it together. We are a globally networked system. And the tools we use are a reflection of ourselves.


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One thought on “The Socio-Digital

  1. Andrea says:

    Loved that term so much you had to repeat yourself?! 😉 Glad you got something of enjoyment out of Sassen….

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