In reading Kadushin’s Chapter 8 on small network theory, it really reminds me of The Oracle of Bacon.  According to Kadushin, it should not be surprising at all that Kevin Bacon is well connected to all other actors. Druggies know druggies, execs know execs. It’s assortive distribution in action. Homophily- people with like attributes and interests-flock together.

Although what he delves into is mostly commonsense, his term of linker is an interesting one. How many linkers do you know? Prior to this I would have referred to these people as mavens.  I would think that Hummingbird604 is a linker, connecting otherwise isolated circles. It jumps me to Dianne’s blog, talking about the lego building and how there is crosspollination. A hummingbird is just that- helping the ecosystem spread and flourish, exchanging along its path valuable info.

I just had an great experience on Twitter- I found an exchange teacher from another province in Canada who tweets and blogs.  Check out his cool blog! In light of this course I was curating and adding people to my network. Okay, maybe it was a good distraction to doing other MACT assignments. In any case, I followed him, and now we have connected online. I supplied him with a list of our fellow bloggers who are on exchange, so now he can get a real bird’s eye view of going to live and teach in another country. Maybe now there will be a cross-pollination nationally…. wouldn’t that be cool. It would not even be that far-fetched that he would be on exchange close to where one of our Albertans would be assigned to, and they might be able to connect even before they go on their teaching assignment, building those valuable support networks.

Anyway, I think I smell bacon. Better go. No wait, that’s my brain frying…..

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8 thoughts on “mmm…bacon

  1. deliuk says:

    Carolyn, love the way you dissect theory into verse that is digestible to the mind!

  2. Andrea says:

    You are always three steps ahead of me when it comes to thoughts, making connections and bringing it all home Carolyn. Mmm…bacon indeed ~ you trumped Kevin at his own game my dear. You’re really broadening that network and becoming a power user 🙂

  3. It is amazing at the connections that can be made before we even meet people. My daughter went to Africa last year and had connected with everyone from across Canada that was going by Facebook prior to leaving. They followed each other for about a month before going, so they really had a feel for each other before actually meeting. Her network expanded exponentially through her contacts on that trip!

  4. ichaves says:

    Such a great post Carolyn! Applied, real, and witty. Refreshing! When I’m in a Kevin Bacon rutt, I work backward from A Few Good Men because everyone else has worked with Tom Cruise or Jack Nicholson.

  5. sea blue zed says:

    Carolyn – the visual imagery was a nice connection to the article. It reminds me of those really good ads that people always talk about. I’ll remember your bacon post – very catchy! 🙂

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