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On plankton

Shirky’s talk about the media landscape- how media is social, ubiquitous, and cheap. The change is that now our media is natively good at supporting conversations. We know have many to many communication.  The digitization of information has turned media on its head-a site of coordination no longer controlled from the top down. Media is now interactive. We are producers of information, part of the ProAm revolution. Change in the media landscape. Still changing patterns. Earthquake was reported as it was happening.

Where do I check for traffic jams? CBC radio? Nope.–Twitter. I can remember being stuck on Highway #2 between Edmonton and Calgary, and not knowing what was causing the problem, I quickly hopped on Twitter to discover there were disgruntled drivers stuck in traffic 30 km north of me.  I had the opportunity to take a side highway, clicked on my google maps app to figure out how far to go before re-routing back to the main highway. 

We become the filters as these knowledge amateurs. The ProAm movement. Sometimes I feel like thebottom feeder, filtering through all the plankton. Enthusiastic, figuring out my way through these streams of knowledge.

On planktonShir…


5 thoughts on “On planktonShir…

  1. Andrea says:

    I love it! I was trying to figure out where the plankton image fit into the whole thing and you did a great job of describing it (although I don’t think you’re a bottomfeeder at all ~ as ProAm’s go you’re accelerated up the digital hierarchy quite well).

  2. Carolyn, the article linked is full of vivid examples and interpretations of Shirkey’s core idea. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I will research this “plankton” a little bit, which is new to me. Thank you for always helping me expose myself to new, cool stuff. 🙂

  3. jpletz says:

    You hit the nail on the head with your comment about where you get the news. The traditional forms of information are gone and we have so much more choice over where, when and how much information we receive. On another note – I’m heading home on highway 2 after class and will definitely remember to check Twitter should I encounter a traffic jam. I did on the way up and never even thought to do that.

  4. Caroline,
    It’s fascinated how you can combine ProAm revolution, your experience on Highway#2 and the funny character of spongebob show “the plankton”. I look forward to reading more interesting blogs like this.


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